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Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust: Hasfield Estate Mapping
This project is part of Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust (GWT) Severn Solutions for Nature's Recovery project, delivering Gloucestershire Nature Recovery Network’s 2030 nature recovery strategy for restoring and re-creating habitats within a priority landscape. The project involved the surveying of 12 fields, covering 48 hectares. These fields are in the process of being transformed into three different priority habitats:

•    Lowland Wood Pasture
•    Traditional Orchard
•    Species-Rich Grassland

All 12 fields were flown over and a variety of outputs were made from the imagery, including orthomosaics, digital surface models and digital terrain models. This data can then act as a baseline to monitor the development of the habitats.

A formal, desk-based training session was also run at GWT headquarters, to help the trust learn the basics of UAV use and explore the uses of UAV’s for evidence and monitoring, specifically their application in ecological surveying.

Severn solutions for natures recovery is part of the Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change at the Landscape Scale Programme led by Natural England in close partnership with the Environment Agency, Forestry Commission and RBG Kew, Wakehurst.  This Shared Outcomes Funded Programme is sponsored by Defra and DESNZ. 

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Dahari & Wolffish: Comoros Land Use Classification

Dahari, situated in Anjouan, is dedicated to restoring the ecosystems of the Comoros with rural communities. In collaboration with Wolf Fish, UAV surveys were conducted to comprehensively analyse human land-uses. As part of this project, I created orthomosaic maps comprising over 2,000-ha, and classified them by land use, including differentiating between native and degraded forest. The significance of the focal landscape extends to its direct impact on the lives of thousands within the community, serving as a crucial source of sustenance and income. This project underscores a commitment to fostering informed land-use practices and promoting the well-being of the local population through sustainable initiatives.

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